Spirit Dancer Cover


Castle of the Kren Lord

The Spirit Dancer

Book 1 of the Kren Lord Series


A fantasy novel by G. Edward Marks


    This unusual story takes place in a barbarian stronghold hidden within the cliffs of an inaccessible mountaintop. A band of renegade warriors have adopted it as their home using huge birds to access its towering heights. For centuries they terrorized the neighboring lands, demanding tribute, raiding caravans, raping, pillaging, and returning with young women destined to become their chamber salves. The story begins with the tale of one such woman, a gifted young dancer who is made the prize of the winter games. She captivates the warriors with her exotic dances, but evidence of her mystical skills begin to show. Bizarre occurrences within the castle begin warping space and time, unleashing alien creatures from the caverns below and ushering in an unexpected female warrior who soon disrupts the castle traditions and possibly changes the world forever.

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