Castle of the Kren Lord

Why I wrote this book


     When my sons were teenagers we enjoyed fantasy role-playing games. Each of us would take a turn developing a dungeon (a fantasy scenario) and then lead the other players through it. During that time I developed a dungeon titled Castle of the Kren Lord. The fantasy setting was a castle carved into a mountaintop that could only be reached by air. A band of barbarian warriors riding huge birds, they called the kren, lived in the castle. When they were not raiding the surrounding lands, they competed in games by fighting fierce monsters that they kept captive on the mountaintop for that purpose. In the game, the players discover the castle centuries after the barbarian warriors are gone, but many of the monsters remained and challenged the players as they explored the deserted castle.
My youngest son, Tim, and I had often talked about converting this dungeon to a story or graphic novel, but as things go, we never did. When he died unexpectedly in 2009, I decided to write the book and dedicate it to him. He was a huge fan of fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime, video games, and Japanese culture. He had an opportunity to attend the 2009 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. For him it was a dream come true. Unfortunately, while there he contracted H1N1. He returned home sick and died in the hospital a week later. Although my world will never be the same without him, it was fuller because of him. This, my first fiction novel, is based on that game, but I added a Japanese heroine just for Tim.
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