Castle of the Kren Lord

Unanswered Questions

Some events were not fully described within the text of the story, leaving the reader to wonder how they occurred. Fully describing the rational for all occurrences would unbearably slow the pace of the story and so such things were left to the imagination of the reader. But for those who would like to know, here is the author's thoughts regarding questions the reader might have.

Why is the mountain warm?

Heat released by the damaged energy source within the portal device warmed the surrounding earth. When the remote portal was destroyed around the first-century AD the unit shut down and the mountain cooled.


Why are there mammoth on the mountain?


Thousands of years previous, the mountaintop was accessible from the south. An earthquake and subsequent landslide sheared the mountain, isolating the wildlife residing on the top. Human hunters were denied access to the mountaintop by the unscalable cliff surfaces. The mammoth survived until the mountain cooled and the grasses died under a year-round blanket of snow.

What do the chimes indicate?

First morning chime – Arise
Second morning chime – Begin exercises and training
First midday chime – Lunch
Second midday chime – Begin chores and/or training
First evening chime – Meal
Second evening chime – in bed
Continuous clattering – Emergency – warriors to the gates
What is the sequence of Winter Games? 

First Tournament
20 finalists
Running – sprint
Running - endurance
Jumping – distance
Jumping – onto objects
Lifting    – weights
Dragging – weights
Obstacle course – speed
Obstacle course - endurance
Wrestling   – against opponents
Kren riding – collecting objects while riding
Kren riding – archery and/or spear accuracy while riding 
Winners selected based on the number of wins

Second Tournament
10 finalists
Archery – distance
Archery – accuracy
Spear throwing – distance
Spear throwing – accuracy
Swordsmanship – against an opponent
Axemenship – destruction of objects
Winners selected based on the number of wins

Third Tournament 1 finalist
Warriors are matched against beasts
Rules vary and are established at the outset 
The first warrior killing the beast is declared the winner
and appointed as the Kren Lord for the upcoming year

The Songs of Aria – Calming of the Kren

What has upset you so?

Surely it cannot be that bad,

Why would you want to fight?

When you have reasons to be glad. 


You can take to the air,

You can soar through the sky,

You can follow the rivers,

It’s marvelous to fly. 


I want to ride with you,

To feel the wind blow,

To emerge from the clouds,

And see the earth far below. 


Men envy your flight,

Or so I have heard,

So stop acting like men,

And be glad you’re a bird?


Why did the lurker free the beast? 

They hoped the larger beast would be able to trigger the device and send them all back home. 
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